The apparatus " Vityaz" is, as a matter of fact, a domestic doctor which assists to an organism to be restored in it's primordial state. It is not an analog of medicine or physiotherapy which helps to remove an attack of illness. Vityaz (analog RIKTA)  is a unique device permitting to eliminate not only displays of illness, but its initial reason.
The last medical researches proves that with its help it is possible to cure more than 200 illnesses - and 92 persons from 100 forget about their problems forever. The organism not simply expels illnesses from itself, but also the genetically memory reduces the decayed resources. Medical researches are still in progress and in leading Russian clinics and in the Center of quantum medicine, the list of illnesses, which can be cured by the apparatus " Vityas " extends continuously. Some sessions - and you will forget such illnesses as paradontosis, prostatitis, baldness, strabismus and many other known illnesses. It is not necessary to visit doctors anymore: " Vityaz " is your domestic doctor of any specialization. It is a gynecologist, a cardiologist, pediatrist and even a veterinarian. And it is absolutely innocuous and is applicable even for infants.
Any person can use it. And no more tablets, hospitals and long routines in the physiotherapeutic cabinet - the organism will do everything itself. As a matter of fact, it is possible to compare " Vityaz " apparatus to the whole clinic: to cure 200 different illnesses the huge hospital with the whole medical staff and expensive equipment is required. For those who has gained " Vityas ", there is a possibility to combine all this in one small apparatus. For eight years of existence in the market hundred thousands of people have purchased the apparatus of quantum therapy " Vityaz ".

English manual for Vityas  >>>

English Methodical manual on reflexotherapy (acupuncture)    >>>

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                                        Technical Specification

Time of the determination of the operating duty  5 sec
Quantity of the medical regimens programmed on algorithm  8
Constant frequency laser and broadband infra-red radiations 100 or 3000 Hz (depending on a regimen)
Red Radiation of the laser  620 - 700 nm range 5 mW
Infra-red radiation 810 - 880 nm range 5 mW
Strain of an electric network  220 V
Frequency of an electric current  50 Hz
Power of consumption from a network  9,5 Watt
Overall dimensions  240x45x64 mm (1 inch = 25.4 mm)
Mass  1,2 Kg

                                    The place of using

  •                 Physiotherapeutic cabinets
  •                 Hospital and sanatorium chambers
  •                 House conditions
  •                 Beauty salons

US  $ 169

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