Frolov's Respiration Training Device

We have learned how to fight RESPIRATORY related CONDITIONS

(asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, hypoxia, suffocation, short breath, etc.) without pills and medication!

What our Device is for?
First, the Device allows practicing a respiratory technique that helps learn how to breathe correctly to improve health. Thus, we offer you a NON-drug treatment of respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, essential hypertension, angina pectoris, asphyxia, suffocation, short breath, and some others.

Besides, as the Device helps build up the general health it produces an anti-aging effect and significantly improves the quality of life.

What is the connection between respiration and all those diseases?
Many people were taught that respiration is an act of drawing the air in the lungs and its expelling. This is not exactly so. Respiration is an intracellular process that involves air oxygen needed for oxidation of different molecules. This process, also known as INTRACELLULAR RESPIRATION, is the source of life for the entire body. Lungs only act as a mediator for gas exchange between the body and the atmosphere. Thus, since the process of respiration is intracellular, it influences the entire body, which means that the aforementioned diseases directly depend on the process of respiration.

Why not just to inhale more oxygen and be OK?
Medical research has shown that blood saturation with oxygen is not the only condition of health and that some health related problems are caused by problems of oxygen supply to the body cells from the blood. This is the reason why forced oxygen supply to the blood (hyperbaric oxygenation) is used only in emergencies. It was also shown that the strongest health restoring effect could be due to the opposite: the application of special breathing techniques that suggest periodic oxygen decrease in the inhaled air.

What are the differences between various respiratory techniques and devices?
Doctors have been using respiratory techniques for building up patients' health and diseases prevention. Recent inventions of Medical Science, which the clinics and hospitals adopted for practical use, include various devices intended for changing respiration patterns through breathing exercises. Usually such exercises aim only one breathing aspect, for instance, hypoxia (oxygen decrease in the air inhaled), hypercapnia (carbon dioxide increase), breathing resistance, changes in rhythm and frequency of breaths, etc.

Why to use our technique?
We have developed a technique that UNIFIES all of the main principles of breathing exercises in one UNIFYING RESPIRATORY TECHNIQUE. To learn the respiratory technique and to use it correctly, our medical specialists have developed a special Respiration Training Device. The design of the Device and the method of its application involve different aspects of breath control such as changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide supply (hypoxia-hypercapnia), respiration resistance during exhalation and inhalation, breathing rhythm and frequency and others.

To highlight some principal features of our technique:

It UNIFIES different respiratory techniques;


It offers an INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM for each patient (by varying such parameters as the amount of WATER used with the Device; type of inhalation; duration of a single session, etc.);

It's focus is not only on breathing control, but also on the knowledge of the entire RESPIRATORY HYGIENE, which is especially important for the people who suffer from respiratory disorders.

How our Device is used for breathing exercises and how it works?
The key element of our technique is gradual increase in the duration of a regular exhalation. During the exercises, the person breathes slower and less frequently than he or she gets used to. To illustrate the positive effect of breath control with less frequent breaths, we usually give the following example: DOG-HUMAN-TURTLE (dogs breathe fast, consume more oxygen, and die at the age of 15; humans breathe slower, consume less oxygen and live for approximately 70 years; turtles breathe slowly, consume little oxygen and live up to 200 years). Although the example itself is not purely scientific, it works as a good illustration of the theory and helps to understand everything in simple terms without going to detailed explanation of the cellular processes.

What patients may expect?
Our respiratory technique worked so well for our patients that people who had been suffering asthma during all their lives reported total recovery or significant relief and much lower intake of medication. The same results were reported for other diseases such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, essential hypertension, angina pectoris, asphyxia, suffocation, short breath, and others.

Frolov's Device is a novel state-of-the-art respiration training device featuring a full set of healing factors, which may claim to be the most advanced device for breathing exercises in today's world.

  1. Device Cup
      The outer cup (beaker) of the Device allows the trainees not only to perform breathing exercises with water resistance, but also to inhale medicinal herbs vapors and aromatic oils. The beaker is designed so that it is comfortable to hold during the exercise sessions.
   2. Internal Container
      The internal container is one of the principal parts of the Respiration Training Device. Carefully designed bottom of the Device and its orifices (with special focus on the diameters, multi-graded position, etc.) ensure gradual change of breathing resistance during the inhalation and exhalation. This also makes it possible to select an optimal mode of exercising for both healthy, well-trained people and seriously disabled patients, as well as for preschool children. The novel container design provides an easy way for customer parameters setting before the exercises.
   3. Essential Oil Container
      The oil container is an advanced part of the Respiration Device. The container helps to expand significantly the capabilities of the Respiration Training Device and to use it as an inhaler. The container's inner space aerodynamics is so that to ensure the greatest effect of aromatherapy and essential oils inhalation. Only little amount of oil is needed, and the oil is consumed 100%. Three separate oil compartments are in line with the latest aromatherapy techniques to separate essential oils vapors for better results of the aromatherapy.
   4. Device Cover
      The cover of the Respiration Training Device performs several important functions. First, the cover is the main connecting element of the Device structure. Depending on the accuracy of the assembly, the cover ensures safe fastening of all the elements of the Device in the assembled state. Second, the cover is a functional element providing the right proportion of the mixed air components in the Device during the exercises. Orifices on the perimeter of the cover are responsible for the proper airflow circulation inside the Device during the breathing exercises. In aromatherapy sessions, the orifices keep the airflow above the essential oil container, thereby ensuring constant concentration of aromatic substances in the inhaled air.
   5. Breathing Tube
      The breathing tube is designed so that to give maximum comfort during the exercises. Its corrugated surface allows taking any posture and can be used when the patient lies. Moreover, the breathing tube is an element of the Device's aerodynamic design, which lets additional air in as needed for air mixing and secures extra resistance during the exercises.
   6. Device Mouthpiece
      The novel ergonomic design of the mouthpiece lets you hold it with your lips easily and comfortably. The mouthpiece strains no facial muscles even in the prolonged (20 - 30 min) exercises; its use is comfortable for children and persons with different facial muscles defects (that might be caused by strokes, traumas and neuritis). The mouthpiece is equally comfortable for use by children, adults and the elderly. 


I'm 69, my work experience is about 50 years. I used to have numerous diseases: bronchitis, sleep loss, osteochondrosis, hypertension, poor eyesight, excess weight (extra 10-15 kg), and even more. I ordered the respiratory training Device from Novosibirsk and trained every day. My health improved greatly. I got rid of the cough, dyspnea, and osteochondrosis. Now I can raise my hands, and there were times I couldn't put on a jacket myself. My sleep is oblivious for 5-6 hours. My blood pressure dropped to 125-170/75-80, I lost 13 kg. The liver state improved and calculi came out. My sight improved too. I have not been taking any medication for already 2 years. My hearty thanks to Vladimir Frolov and "Dinamika" specialists, who helped me to get rid of my diseases.
M.S. M-kov, Orenburg region

I'm 64. I'm an engineer and have been doing breathing exercises with the help of the training Device for 2 years. Over this period my health has significantly improved: my skin has become softer, most nevi pigmentosis turned pale and became barely visible, hypodermic lipomas disappeared, joint pain stopped. The osteochondrosis hasn't bothered me for 1.5 years, hand numbness sensation disappeared, loss of sight stopped, hearing improved. Earlier I tried to "remove" sand from my right kidney with the help of the Indian medicine "Ciston", but failed to remove it completely. The breathing technique helped to remove sand with phlegm and after that my right kidney has caused no trouble for me for 1.5 years. My breast pang and extra systole decreased. The yellow dental deposit and caries disappeared. Temperature of my body became 35,3-35,6, the state of health now is good, clarity of thinking and memory considerably improved. Many thanks to V. Frolov and doctors of the medical center "Dinamika" for the help in treatment.
David Soars, the Republic of South Africa

I have suffered from hypertension and the III degree obesity (hypothalamic syndrome, neuroendocrinal form) for more than 20 years. I come to "Dinamika" medical center and seek advice from "Dinamika" doctors every time when I need to know about my individual breathing regime. I think the results are excellent. After 1.5 months of training my blood pressure got back to normal, which was a great surprise for my physician. I easily lost 16 kg in 2 months and I feel much better now. All my friends ask me what diet I am going on to cure obesity, and my advice to them is to see "Dinamika" doctors.
Elena Mihailovna K-va, Novosibirsk

I'm 66, I have had the II degree of disability since 1996. Like many other people of my age, I have lived a difficult life. When I retired, I already had plenty of diseases: coronary heart disease, Angina pectoris, II stage hypertension, atherosclerosis, arrhythmia (extrasystole), hypertrophy pulmonary heart, chronic obstructive bronchitis with asthmatic component, lung emphysema and pneumosclerosis, osteochondrosis, arthritis of fingers of the right hand, enlarged liver. And this is far from being the full list of my diseases. Doctors defined my state of health as pre-infarction and pre-insult and all that they recommended was drugs, blood pressure control, and taking good care of myself.
During 1.5 years of training I have witnessed great changes. The quality of my life has changed dramatically. My headaches stopped, head noises decreased, sleep improved, and I no longer have any rhinitis or cough. I have not had any colds for a long time already. My hearing improved, my facial skin became smoother, my liver state improved (it used to be abnormally large), my digestive tract works well. The arthritis of the right hand fingers passed off. I am a cheerful man now and I want to live. Pre-infarction and pre-insult states disappeared, hypertension crisis stopped. I can keep my blood pressure normal while taking minimum drugs. The dyspnea attacks stopped, I stopped taking Teopek and use Berodual only. I can walk outdoors freely, perform some simple work and do the things I like. My feet do not freeze as they used to do before, and I can freely walk outdoors in winter.
If I manage to maintain my health at the level I've reached, I will be able to call myself a happy person. I practice with the training Device for 30 minutes every day. My wife has exercised with me for about half a year. As soon as my family and friends noticed these changes in my state of health, they believed in this method. More than 20 of them bought the Device and are now training with it.
Victor Anatolyevich S-nov, Arkhangelsk

Diagnosis: Myocardial ischemia, angina, extrasystole, chronic cholecystitis-pancreatitis, chronic prostatitis, chronic hemorrhoids. After 6.5 months of exercising with the training Device (30 minutes, RCT 25 seconds), I lost 16 kg of weight. Blood pressure tends to be normal. Heart rhythm normalized, prostate (according to recent examination results) functions well, bowel movement got normal. My night sleep is good now. My hearing and eyesight drastically improved.
Lewis Walter, 58, Canada

The patient has the II degree of disability due to the right arm loss. Half a year ago he acquired thrombosis of the left arm and could not eat. He even thought of suicide, but then he came across the product. After two months of exercising he got back the desire to live, started to feel better, his sleep normalized. The patient thanks V. Frolov for saving his life.
G.A. K-tsev, 74, Taganrog

Diagnosis: coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, chronic cholecystitis-pancreatitis, chronic thrombophlebitis of both shins, sleep problems. After 4 months of exercises with respiration training Device (each training session 30 minutes, RCT 20 seconds), his sleep normalized, cheerfulness appeared.
A.S. G-ko, 84, Volgograd

Diagnosis: Cerebral aterosclerosis, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, chronic hemorrhoids. The patient trained with the training Device for 4 months, and mastered endogenous breathing. As a result, his state of health improved, heart pains and giddiness stopped, sweat decreased, hemorrhoids disappeared.
G.B. L-n , 68, Ukraine

A year ago I was forbidden to keep up my mountain climbing hobby. Heart pains occurred, and I got the diagnosis of myocardial ischemia, angina. As a result I was recommended to be operated on. Instead of operation I started exercising with Frolov's training Device under medical supervision. This summer after exercising on the training Device for 9 months and complete medical check-up I resumed active training at the mountaineering club.
Ralph Beddinger, 45, USA

Diagnosis: I-II stage hypertension. Chronic obstructive bronchitis. After three months of 35 minute sessions training, RCT is 35 seconds, she felt better, blood pressure normalized at 130/90 -140/80, sweat and cough stopped bothering her.
Alexandra Moiseevna K-va, 49

Diagnosis: Astheno-neurotic syndrome, destructive polyarthritis of major joints, seasonal allergy. She has been exercising since February 1999 for 40 minutes, RCT 30 seconds, mainly in the mornings (due to family circumstances). As the result of exercising sleep improved, cheerfulness appeared, pains in the joints decreased, for the first time there was no allergy to blossoming in summer.
Alan MacDiarmid, 56, New Zealand

Diagnosis: Lumbar osteochondrosis, chronic polyarthritis of major joints. Insomnia. He has been exercising during 1 year; at present he masters endogenous breathing (Device-based). He feels significant improvement of the general health, sleep restored, dyspnea gives no trouble, he can go up to the 6th floor without stops.
Lana Bach, 53, USA

Two cesarean sections. After that the patient had suffered from commissural pains for more than 10 years. A year ago thyrotoxicosis was diagnosed. The patient took merkazolil (3 tabl.), anaprilin (2 tabl.). After work with the Frolov's training Device, her general state improved considerably, her weight normalized, and in 3 months she stopped taking any medications. She underwent surgery for mucinous cyst as cancer was suspected. She trained with the Device before the surgery and right after it. No recurrence of commissural intestine pain was observed.
The patient quit taking Merkazolil and Anaprilin 1.5 years ago and has been practicing endogenous breathing instead. Effects: thyroid function restored, nails condition improved (stopped breaking), paradontosis disappeared.
Olga Ivanovna B-va, 40, Novosibirsk

Recurrent pneumonia, for the last five years medium-stage bronchial asthma. The patient underwent three abdominal surgeries, had suffered from commissural pains for more than 10 years. She started exercising with the Frolov's training Device at the stage of slight exacerbation. One month later, she stopped using inhaler and her lungs cleared up (mucous sputum in moderate amounts). After 3 months of training, commissural pains disappeared completely. The patient feels younger, more active and cheerful.
Anna Dvorzac, 62, Czech Republic

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